Tuesday, February 17, 2009

is life a FaIrY tAiL?

is it? well we all have our secret crushes, and we want them to be our knight and shinning armor. :) we all have trials..... but when life is at that perfect moment it feels like nothing else in the world matters. Is magic real? ... well miracles are :) Do fairy god mothers come to you?........ :/ hee hee. well people come into our life who are like our angels and they bring us happiness and joy. :) i know mine has come :)do little mice and fairys help us along the way? well horses do.... they are like a little splash of fairy tails, here in reality. fairy tails arent all good:( evil....... do evil witches come and tempt us to do wrong? or do they make someting seem so right and so wonderful.......but in the end its not wonderful and you are very sad. witches only tell you what they know you wanna hear. and they only do things for their bennifit. but dont worry their is always the top fairy that always does right and is always an example to everyone and only does things for others not its self. so..... is life a fairy tail?... well for me it is :)
is their always happy endings?........ still waiting :)