Sunday, April 3, 2011

crazyyy stuff

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Starting Again.

ya know i realized something today. i realized life is moving faster then i can catch it before it slips away. but while its flying by and im gonna get and loose things on the way i need to cherish those things before they are gone. but i realize when we loose things there not gone forever. that god always finds a way to get them back to us. maybe in the craziest way the we completely dont expect or understand. ya know, i hate when people say "everythings gonna be ok" because sometimes i feel like the whole world is crashing down and they are just telling me a lie because its not. sometimes i like to fake it to myself and act like they are telling me the truth. it sorta gives the whole world or my little experience that little push it needs for me to realize maybe its just a process. a process that needs to be done because.. well honestly i dont really know. but a process thats gonna make things work out. some way...some how..
in my writing, in my brain it seems so right. it feels like its coming out so clear. well at least the best i know. then i read it. and it sounds like mush. i honestly dont know who im writing to. but im gonna write. and im gonna be honest. im gonna share my feelings. im gonna be real. no fakes. no lies. just me.....bria zoe.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

update :)

well i moved back from mexico in june. Living there was probably one of the best experiences i have ever had. I am currently living in alpine utah. Here i will finish high school and probably go to college. Then from there...who knows where this world will take me!
From sep 1-13 i was in ava Missouri at a world horse show. To drive there it took 23 hours. it took forever! but we finally got there. when we got there we figured out that my horse had pulled her right hamstring. That made it difficult for her to do certain maneuvers that were necessary for some classes. We did all we could to some how heal her muscle and so we stretched her and gave her an embsen salt bath. witch seamed to really help. as time when on we kept improving more and more. in the end i became the ranch horse world grand champion for 2010, and the reserve versatility world grand champion. i am so proud of my horse. i am also very grateful for my dad who supported me through it all. and im so grateful for my horse trainer and her husband. i couldnt have dont it without them.
i just started school at lone peak high. so far it is going pretty well :)
and thats pretty much my update for now!
<3 zoe

Thursday, December 3, 2009

im still alive :)

i have been living in puerto vallarta mexico for 3 months now!! can you believe it?? life is good here. The ocean is seriously my therapy. I miss all my friends and family from utah so much. i also miss my horse bella so so so so much!! i am comming back to utah in january for a week and i will be able to ride her :) but then i will have to leave again and then the next time i will see her after that will be in july. i am riding 3 times a week at a barn 5 min away form my house. i take lessons from 2 trainers one is from france and the other is from Chile. while i have been here i got a new pair of boots costume made for me in Chile!! they are so cool :) i love them. i am learning so much down here. I have learned that i love to snorkel and i want to learn how to scuba dive. and i love dolphins. and i might get a job training them :) so much to do in life and so little time.. (while im young) wish i could stay young forever...... but growing up may not be so bad. i miss my horse trainer and her family so much! i miss going over to her house and sleeping over and waking up to go ride all day... best days ever. i have so many pictures to add you'll see them above soon :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chace the good things in life.

Fight for what is real. Don't fight for something you dont beleive in.
Many people spend there whole lifes fighting and searching for something that is fake. They dont realalize it until its to late.
Take the things in your life and evaluate them. Make a memerable list of the things that are worth fighting for. Make your number 1 the most important of them all. You will find that if you are really chacing the right one many other blessing will come along with it. Make sure that when you find out what your number one is....... dont stop fighting. But remember as we are young we must learn, and we may think we have our number 1 but it may only be an illusion. You'll find that behind that illusion it will be fake. But dont let it get you down, take it as a learning experiance and a chance for something new and better.
I find this as a secret that people take advantage of. I know i will never take advantage of it.

<3 Bria Zoe

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I met a prince :)

This prince was not just any prince, he is the best in all the land.
This prince was white, he also had little splashes of brown on him.
Anyone who happens to come in his presence will know of his love for others.
When i met this prince he looked at me with that glow in his blue blue eyes.
The feeling i had around him was like every care, every hurt, or every sad thing was gone.
Their was a feeling of peace.
When i met this prince he was injured.
So i was involved in helping him get better.
While we were helping him i felt so connected and so safe around him.
It was like i could really listen to him.
Its hard to explain

I met this horse whose name was casper. I looked at him and thought casper??? really??. I didnt think the name fit him very well. Sure he was white, but it just didnt seam to fit. So i started to think and get to know him. One of the very first things i saw in this horse was he was looking to help. He wanted to help in whatever way he could. Second thing i saw in him was his bravery and trust. If you were to treet him right he would give his trust to you. As i got to know him i started to think of names. The first name was prince, he looked like a prince in shinning armor. He was the prince who was ready to save the damsel in distress and show there are more things to life then just what you can see.
Whoever he may be with now. They are blessed! He is one of a kind!
I was sad to see him go. I remember loading him up in the trailor and saying in a whisper "be good, show them that there is more to life" then i gave him a kiss and took my last look at shut the door.
That horse will always have a place in my heart. He taught me a lesson that day, and that lesson will never be forgotten.