Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Boating with the family :)

today i went boating today with my family. it was really fun and the water was nice and warm and very relaxing:-) all we had at the time were my dads friends wake boards he left our toobs and knee board at his shop at lake powell so we just had so do with them i did not get up but came pretty close i just need more practice. than we did races were my dad would thro a water botel off the boat and we would all jump off and see who could get to it first and i got it once and wyatt got it twice :)

wyatt got up!!!!

it was really hard!

but had fun just chillin in the water :-)


jensen geting ready to go at the house :-)

anna texting and sunbathin :-)

pretty view:)

me riding bella :-)

this is me riding bella.

for the past month we have been working on her foxtrot. just these last few weeks we have been geting it :) i think that is why i did so good at the shows:) bella is an amazing horse she is so fun to ride and very sweet :-) i love bella with all me heart if anything every happend to her i would be very sad:( but she is big and healthy so i dont think i have anything to worrie about:) i will keep you posted on me and bellas progress :):):):):)

Monday, July 28, 2008

me and my horse bella at the horse show!

me at my horse show in farmington utah!
i have a show in wyoming next week and i will try and get some better pictures

mellisas horses! :-) and donkey

Tango & Cash


Daisy may


all of these horses are amazing and have all been taught (or are going to be taught) with the tools of dennis reis! :-)

my sister is an insane jumper ON FOOT

she can jump really high she is soo cool!!!!! :)

i love to cutt cows!!!!! :)

cutting is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HORSES 24/7 :)

if you don't know already horses is mt LIFE! i am around horses pretty much whenever i can. :)
i have 2 horses one of them is named Bella she is a big black fox trotter mare and recently took youth versatility high point!! my other horses name is Dolly Parton we call her dolly she is an average size pallimino quarter horse we are still in some training with her but her potental BIG! for the last 5 months i have been riding with Mellisa Ambrose she is AMAZING!! i have learned so much from her it is way to much to right down lol :) she is a/an instructor for dennis reis (the king of horsemanship) go to his web reisranch.com also check out my mellisas web atlastaranch.com both really cool but thats just scratching the surrfice if you want to know more of what i do just ask:)