Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Starting Again.

ya know i realized something today. i realized life is moving faster then i can catch it before it slips away. but while its flying by and im gonna get and loose things on the way i need to cherish those things before they are gone. but i realize when we loose things there not gone forever. that god always finds a way to get them back to us. maybe in the craziest way the we completely dont expect or understand. ya know, i hate when people say "everythings gonna be ok" because sometimes i feel like the whole world is crashing down and they are just telling me a lie because its not. sometimes i like to fake it to myself and act like they are telling me the truth. it sorta gives the whole world or my little experience that little push it needs for me to realize maybe its just a process. a process that needs to be done because.. well honestly i dont really know. but a process thats gonna make things work out. some way...some how..
in my writing, in my brain it seems so right. it feels like its coming out so clear. well at least the best i know. then i read it. and it sounds like mush. i honestly dont know who im writing to. but im gonna write. and im gonna be honest. im gonna share my feelings. im gonna be real. no fakes. no lies. just me.....bria zoe.