Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chace the good things in life.

Fight for what is real. Don't fight for something you dont beleive in.
Many people spend there whole lifes fighting and searching for something that is fake. They dont realalize it until its to late.
Take the things in your life and evaluate them. Make a memerable list of the things that are worth fighting for. Make your number 1 the most important of them all. You will find that if you are really chacing the right one many other blessing will come along with it. Make sure that when you find out what your number one is....... dont stop fighting. But remember as we are young we must learn, and we may think we have our number 1 but it may only be an illusion. You'll find that behind that illusion it will be fake. But dont let it get you down, take it as a learning experiance and a chance for something new and better.
I find this as a secret that people take advantage of. I know i will never take advantage of it.

<3 Bria Zoe