Tuesday, December 16, 2008


For thanksgiving me and my family went down to ceder city to my aunt and uncles house. They are really good cooks. me and anna helped make the topping to the pecan pie is was soooo yummy! what made thanksgiving even cooler is my uncle had two wolf dogs, they were so cute and nice. i remember seeing them when i was really little but it was good to soo them again. Here are some pictures

me and maddi

me and maddi had fun taking pictures

our cute feet lol


our hand hearts and star

wolf dogs

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ballet and Horses

Some unfortunate events have happened lately, but they have brought me to love ballet. I would love to do ballet and soon work with it when i am older. I recently have been looking for a new ballet studio that is near me. I found one, it is called the Academy of Ballet. Some girls in my school go to it and say it is really good. If this all works out i will probably start after Christmas. I am so excited!!

Here is a little update on horses. For about the last 5 months i have been working with a horse named dolly parton. She was so fun to work with. :) she taught me so many things. She is now in St. George with my trainers horse ruby. She will have a very good home their, and she is very happy and content. :) I will now start working with bella again. I m going to try to do a cartwheel off of her! cool huh!?!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


things happen for reasons. sometimes you may not understand but it the end it was all ment to be. when life thros hard times at you, learn from them and then enjoy the good times. know that you heavenly father will always be with you and will never give4 you something you can not handle. He is their holding you hand each step of the way. all you have to do is reach u, he'll take you hand.

Life may seam like it is coming to an end, but just stay strong and be faithful and dont give up!

i know these things are true. and even tho things may be hard dont give up and stay srong!


Thursday, October 16, 2008

happy birthday anna, and melissa!!!!!!!!!!!

today was annas birthday and we went to ihop with alot of her friends. anna got chocolate chip pancakes, and i got buttermilk pancakes they were so yummy!!
guess what i got anna for her birthday?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?THE WONDER PETS!!!!
her and her friends are obbsesed with them. I also gave her my sidekick phone arent i such a nice sister :) :)

just a little while ago was melissas birthday. i got her a plate from color me mine that i made it orange with pink flowers around the rim and purple lettering that says
" #1 horse mom " it was so cute. melissa said she loved it. :) :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

walmarts grand opening!!!!

We went to wallmart not knowing that it was their grand opening and we walk in and see i giant twinkie and a big Cheetos guy etc. so Anna had her camera and so we took pics :) it was so fun
it was wallmarts 3208 store built
big cow!

coca-cola yeah baby!

me and Anna with the m&m guy

we just had to kiss him he was total babe! :)

me and twinkie!

me and the Cheetos dude!

me and the koolaid guy

me and mr.oreo


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

me and melissa being cute & silly :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

i am back from ava missouri!!!!!!!!!!!!

AVA was so fun! i am so glad i went :) i ended up getting 3rd over all in the WORLD! i was tied for first until the speed events and i am not the best at those so i got bumped down to third i am still way happy cause that was my first time going to ava and first year riding western and first year showing a fox trotter:)

i got champion in horsemanship and confirmation and jumping and reserve champion in western pleasure i go reserve in something else but i don't remember and i got allot of 3rds and 4ths and 5ths

its so cool cause now i can call both me and my horse WORLD GRAND CHAMPIONS :)

my favorite class was jumping because i won it lol and my horse loves to jump she cleared a 3"3 jump it was so FUN

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

i am so excited for AVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ava is so fun well that's what i have heard from my trainer. but i hear that it is really hot their and humid but it gets really cold at night:/ crazy huh? well i am not really looking forward to the 22 hour drive i mean i think i am going to loose my mind have to be driving that long lol ha ha. but i am glad that we are driving our moter home so i will be comfy lol ha ha and i will get tons of hours of sleep in. -FINALLY-lol well i g2g to bed and do my homework :p

Sunday, August 24, 2008

horses could never be better!!!

I got first in the youth year end high point and have been invited to go to Ava, Missouri for the world show and if i do good their i could be first in the nation! 
i am so proud of my horse bella. five months ago you would have never thought that this horse who used to run off bolting and bucking would  be this good and willing.i am so happy that i have such a good relationship with my horse that when i ask her to do something she is so willing and so giving that she will do it. :) 

about 5 days ago my trainer -melissa ambrose- was telling me about this lady she had met who dances with her horses. with me never hearing about this before i say what! then she go's on to tell me how this lady dances with her horses, with the tools of ballet and dressage -an advanced method of riding- dances with her horses. then my trainer go's on to tell me how this lady is starting a school and she is  looking for youth who have dance experience and good riding experience. this lady was telling my trainer how she had found lots of good dancers but they did not really have the passion for horses. then my trainer tells her about me, how i have been dancing since i was three and quit 3 years ago so i could ride,  with the help of this lady i could get my dancing skills up again and use my love for horses, to be able to dance with horses i dont really know all the details on it yet but i do know that i am going to do it and maybe my trainers daughter harlee :) after this lady is done telling her about all this she go's on to say that she does not have very good ground manners or horsemanship  with her horses. and then melissa go's on to tell this lady about what she does. this lady is so happy and decides with my trainer that they are going to start working together and if everything works out with me and my trainer and this lady we will be puting on a perduction this december:) i am so excited!!!!!!

lake powell :)

we got back from lake Powell like a week ago, and it was so fun, the water was way warm and fresh. we went cliff jumping and i did not do it till the last day it was really scary! :/ lol 

my got some pics too i don't have them right now tho but i will try and get them :) 
the last two days at lake Powell we went to go eat lunch and dinner at this restaurant that was built on the dock! it was way cool and it had really good food :)  
i was telling my dad that we had to make it a tradition to come to lake powell atleast two times a year :) i am really looking forward to the next time we go :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008


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wyoming horse show:-)

this is meat my horse show in Wyoming! it was so fun because bella was doing so good! i got youth reserve high point :) that is way good but at my show in farmington i got youth high point champion but this show i messed up one of my patterns witch got me a little behind :/
but i am way excited cause the stevens fox trotter girls convinced my dad to let me go to ava missouri for the big fox trotter show! it is going to be way fun lol ha ha but it is a 20hour drive to ava but it is way worth it well i am geting some more pics from this show they just have not come yet :)

she looks so pretty! :)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Youth Horsemanship Camp :-)

this is a pic of some of us standing up on out horses anna can stand up too but in this pic was sitting down :)

we played soccer with the big red ball it was really fun!



Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Boating with the family :)

today i went boating today with my family. it was really fun and the water was nice and warm and very relaxing:-) all we had at the time were my dads friends wake boards he left our toobs and knee board at his shop at lake powell so we just had so do with them i did not get up but came pretty close i just need more practice. than we did races were my dad would thro a water botel off the boat and we would all jump off and see who could get to it first and i got it once and wyatt got it twice :)

wyatt got up!!!!

it was really hard!

but had fun just chillin in the water :-)


jensen geting ready to go at the house :-)

anna texting and sunbathin :-)

pretty view:)