Sunday, October 10, 2010

update :)

well i moved back from mexico in june. Living there was probably one of the best experiences i have ever had. I am currently living in alpine utah. Here i will finish high school and probably go to college. Then from there...who knows where this world will take me!
From sep 1-13 i was in ava Missouri at a world horse show. To drive there it took 23 hours. it took forever! but we finally got there. when we got there we figured out that my horse had pulled her right hamstring. That made it difficult for her to do certain maneuvers that were necessary for some classes. We did all we could to some how heal her muscle and so we stretched her and gave her an embsen salt bath. witch seamed to really help. as time when on we kept improving more and more. in the end i became the ranch horse world grand champion for 2010, and the reserve versatility world grand champion. i am so proud of my horse. i am also very grateful for my dad who supported me through it all. and im so grateful for my horse trainer and her husband. i couldnt have dont it without them.
i just started school at lone peak high. so far it is going pretty well :)
and thats pretty much my update for now!
<3 zoe