Tuesday, December 16, 2008


For thanksgiving me and my family went down to ceder city to my aunt and uncles house. They are really good cooks. me and anna helped make the topping to the pecan pie is was soooo yummy! what made thanksgiving even cooler is my uncle had two wolf dogs, they were so cute and nice. i remember seeing them when i was really little but it was good to soo them again. Here are some pictures

me and maddi

me and maddi had fun taking pictures

our cute feet lol


our hand hearts and star

wolf dogs

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ballet and Horses

Some unfortunate events have happened lately, but they have brought me to love ballet. I would love to do ballet and soon work with it when i am older. I recently have been looking for a new ballet studio that is near me. I found one, it is called the Academy of Ballet. Some girls in my school go to it and say it is really good. If this all works out i will probably start after Christmas. I am so excited!!

Here is a little update on horses. For about the last 5 months i have been working with a horse named dolly parton. She was so fun to work with. :) she taught me so many things. She is now in St. George with my trainers horse ruby. She will have a very good home their, and she is very happy and content. :) I will now start working with bella again. I m going to try to do a cartwheel off of her! cool huh!?!