Thursday, December 3, 2009

im still alive :)

i have been living in puerto vallarta mexico for 3 months now!! can you believe it?? life is good here. The ocean is seriously my therapy. I miss all my friends and family from utah so much. i also miss my horse bella so so so so much!! i am comming back to utah in january for a week and i will be able to ride her :) but then i will have to leave again and then the next time i will see her after that will be in july. i am riding 3 times a week at a barn 5 min away form my house. i take lessons from 2 trainers one is from france and the other is from Chile. while i have been here i got a new pair of boots costume made for me in Chile!! they are so cool :) i love them. i am learning so much down here. I have learned that i love to snorkel and i want to learn how to scuba dive. and i love dolphins. and i might get a job training them :) so much to do in life and so little time.. (while im young) wish i could stay young forever...... but growing up may not be so bad. i miss my horse trainer and her family so much! i miss going over to her house and sleeping over and waking up to go ride all day... best days ever. i have so many pictures to add you'll see them above soon :)