Thursday, December 3, 2009

im still alive :)

i have been living in puerto vallarta mexico for 3 months now!! can you believe it?? life is good here. The ocean is seriously my therapy. I miss all my friends and family from utah so much. i also miss my horse bella so so so so much!! i am comming back to utah in january for a week and i will be able to ride her :) but then i will have to leave again and then the next time i will see her after that will be in july. i am riding 3 times a week at a barn 5 min away form my house. i take lessons from 2 trainers one is from france and the other is from Chile. while i have been here i got a new pair of boots costume made for me in Chile!! they are so cool :) i love them. i am learning so much down here. I have learned that i love to snorkel and i want to learn how to scuba dive. and i love dolphins. and i might get a job training them :) so much to do in life and so little time.. (while im young) wish i could stay young forever...... but growing up may not be so bad. i miss my horse trainer and her family so much! i miss going over to her house and sleeping over and waking up to go ride all day... best days ever. i have so many pictures to add you'll see them above soon :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chace the good things in life.

Fight for what is real. Don't fight for something you dont beleive in.
Many people spend there whole lifes fighting and searching for something that is fake. They dont realalize it until its to late.
Take the things in your life and evaluate them. Make a memerable list of the things that are worth fighting for. Make your number 1 the most important of them all. You will find that if you are really chacing the right one many other blessing will come along with it. Make sure that when you find out what your number one is....... dont stop fighting. But remember as we are young we must learn, and we may think we have our number 1 but it may only be an illusion. You'll find that behind that illusion it will be fake. But dont let it get you down, take it as a learning experiance and a chance for something new and better.
I find this as a secret that people take advantage of. I know i will never take advantage of it.

<3 Bria Zoe

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I met a prince :)

This prince was not just any prince, he is the best in all the land.
This prince was white, he also had little splashes of brown on him.
Anyone who happens to come in his presence will know of his love for others.
When i met this prince he looked at me with that glow in his blue blue eyes.
The feeling i had around him was like every care, every hurt, or every sad thing was gone.
Their was a feeling of peace.
When i met this prince he was injured.
So i was involved in helping him get better.
While we were helping him i felt so connected and so safe around him.
It was like i could really listen to him.
Its hard to explain

I met this horse whose name was casper. I looked at him and thought casper??? really??. I didnt think the name fit him very well. Sure he was white, but it just didnt seam to fit. So i started to think and get to know him. One of the very first things i saw in this horse was he was looking to help. He wanted to help in whatever way he could. Second thing i saw in him was his bravery and trust. If you were to treet him right he would give his trust to you. As i got to know him i started to think of names. The first name was prince, he looked like a prince in shinning armor. He was the prince who was ready to save the damsel in distress and show there are more things to life then just what you can see.
Whoever he may be with now. They are blessed! He is one of a kind!
I was sad to see him go. I remember loading him up in the trailor and saying in a whisper "be good, show them that there is more to life" then i gave him a kiss and took my last look at shut the door.
That horse will always have a place in my heart. He taught me a lesson that day, and that lesson will never be forgotten.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A princess of god.

we all want to be known.
we all want to have our story told.
its hard in this world when you feel like no one really knows you.
sure your parents say they know you top to bottom.
but you know that they are missing some things about you.
its hard not to feel alone.
and its hard trying not to give up.
they tell you to stay close.
and to never let go.
you try with every last piece of faith you have left.
then the spirit testifies to you that god knows you.
and that you are a daughter and princess of god.
he knows how you feel.
he knows your needs and wants.
he knows the suffering you are going through
because he has suffered for you.
god gives you talents so you can show them to the world.
he gives you strengths a weaknesses.
and he expects you to strengthen them.
stay close!
never give up!
and dont loose faith!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Birthday

For my birthday our family went to Olive Garden, it was so yummy! After we ate dinner we headed down to the McKay Center where we met my dad. We saw the World Famous Lipizzaner Stallions! They were amazing!! I learned the names of all the dressage moves they do. It was really cool because they were doing what i really want to do. (well not exactly) but pretty close.
For my birthday present i got to go summer clothes shopping with my mom. It was really really fun!
I cant believe im 15!! Its crazy!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Its my birthday today!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) <3 <3 <3

A thought.

As i was sitting pondering how my day has gone, i found my self looking out the window at the mountians. looking at the very top of them. My head was kincked in a tilt possision. Their were two windows in front of me, one had a screen on it, and the other didnt. I found it was easier to look out the window with the screen on it but the mountian looked alot better when i looked out the window without the screen.

Following the gospel can be harder but, it is also the better choice. looking through the screen is like following satan.
let us all try and look out of clear windows so we can see our bright future ahead.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

" Our truest life is when we are in our dreams awake"
Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009

A message from my dance teacher.

after we had our warm up in dance she sat us all down and started to talk to us. She talked about our talent and our potential. Then she said "who has a dream?" "raise your hand if you have a dream". I raised my hand high, knowing i had a dream. She said you all can reach your dreams.......... but the only thing that is holding you back is your self. I thought about it, but it just didn't seam to fit for my dream.......... but maybe i am holding my self back??? I can sorta see how it might apply to me. I want my dream to become known......... but i feel scared to tell certin people.
Im kinda going off track but thinking about this made me remember about a lesson we had in seminary.
God will take away something that is so dear to you,....... and thats just part of the test, but he only does that because he has something better waiting for you. You have to have faith that, that something better will come :) :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I can only dream

its hard for me to see how i cant have my dream now.
why cant i do it now?
why is it so hard?
does anyone really know how badly i want this?
i want to do this more than anything else.
i really want to find someone that can help me put on a performance.
if i could just do it once
and let people see how awesome it really is
then maybe people will want me to preform at more places
but if i could find anyone
who felt the same way i do and wants to do it
then we could fulfil our dream together.
and maybe become world known!
i feel like if i try my hardest and have faith that it will happen
andif i put it out to the universe
then maybe
just maybe
my dream will come will come true
if my dream comes true
i will share my knowledge
with those who want to do it as much i did
oh how i can only dream right now
my dream will live on
it will not die
i will never
no never
let it leave my heart
my dream was found
and was really close to coming true
it was just found by the wrong mind
i challenge myself everyday
to stay on the right track
and not stray from what i know
i know if i do my part and i try my hardest
then god will help what i can not do.
i believe in the beauty of dreams
and will never let go of that belief.
its so close i can almost see it!
every move i make feels lost with no direction.
but i just have to keep going
and be strong
and keep pushing on
im gonna loose sometimes
like i already did
it shook my faith
but i did not loose it
its back and strong
and ready to try again.

to those who believe in the beauty of your dreams
don't give up!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The climb

I can almost see it
That dream im dreaming
but theres a voice inside head saying
you'll never reach it
every step im taking
every move i make feels
lost with no directon
my faith is shakin
but i gotta keep trying
gotta keep my head held high
there's always gonna be another mountin
im always gonna wanna make it move
always gonna be an uphill battle
sometimes im gonna have to lose
ain't about how fast i get there
ain't about what's waiting on the other side
its the climb
the struggles im facing
the chances im taking
somtimes might knock me down
but no, im not breaking
i may not know it
but these are the moments that
im gonna remember most
just keep pushing on
keep the faith
(lyrics from miley cyrus)
(i added a little)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Hooks of Life

somewhere near the tropical islands, their are boats, in the boats are people, in the peoples hand is a hook, a bad hook. These hooks are used to draw in the octopus. when the octopus spots the hook its starts swimming closer and closer... till its caught! by the time its caught its really stuck. No matter how hard it turns and thrashes, its caught.
In life their are lots of people with hooks. The person holding the hook is satan. and the hook is temptation. These hooks look so wonderful and so perfect but what you didn't know is that you would be caught. as humans we find our self give in a little to temptations, sometimes we find the strength to pull away. but once we are caught on the hook their is nothing we can do as humans. we have to search for another way out. the only thing that can release you from the hooks evil grasp is our heavenly father. come unto him and ask for repentance. he will release you from that evil bond.
if you grow a testimony and stay close to our father in heaven, you will be able to fight off temptation.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

lessons learned.

Today at church we learned about faith and hope, and how you need those things to be able to pursue anything. Nothing will be accomplished with out faith. Faith can be so easy but yet at the same time it is very hard. You are believing in something that has been told to you or that you would like to believe or that the still small voice has told you. I find it kind of like a dream. You are wanting something so bad that you believe in it so much that you will do anything and everything in your power to get it. As humans their are things we want and things we need. When you find yourself caught up in a dream its like that's the only thing you should be fighting for.......... so you can be you. But as we are fighting for the dream weather it be long or short term happiness we get caught up in the world. The world has mad it so that when you want something it has become allot harder to get. I'm not just talking about "things" I'm talking about ...... good relationships, happiness, peace, families that stay together, less contention. Things like living the gospel. The world has made it seam like that is the bad thing to do. But you will always find the people in life who have the gospel with them and are following the gospel will always be happier. If you have faith and you are following the gospel you will be really happy and you will be able to pursue anything.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"
-To fulfill your dreams you have to be passionate about what you want.
- You have to want it more than anything else.
- Life comes and throws you down...... tells you you can't do it. keep pushing through.
- You have to work hard to get through the obstacles.
- But most important......... you have to believe!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

is life a FaIrY tAiL?

is it? well we all have our secret crushes, and we want them to be our knight and shinning armor. :) we all have trials..... but when life is at that perfect moment it feels like nothing else in the world matters. Is magic real? ... well miracles are :) Do fairy god mothers come to you?........ :/ hee hee. well people come into our life who are like our angels and they bring us happiness and joy. :) i know mine has come :)do little mice and fairys help us along the way? well horses do.... they are like a little splash of fairy tails, here in reality. fairy tails arent all good:( evil....... do evil witches come and tempt us to do wrong? or do they make someting seem so right and so wonderful.......but in the end its not wonderful and you are very sad. witches only tell you what they know you wanna hear. and they only do things for their bennifit. but dont worry their is always the top fairy that always does right and is always an example to everyone and only does things for others not its self. so..... is life a fairy tail?... well for me it is :)
is their always happy endings?........ still waiting :)

beautiful dream horse.

ahhh! i saw this horse and my jaw dropped down in awwwww. it is soooo beautiful!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

my dream.

One day i want to be able to do a routine with me and my horse bridle less. With meaningful peaceful music. With a mix of the art of ballet.
A lady once told me that she could help me live my dream........ but she was doing it in the wrong way. When she told me that, it felt like my dream was so close but yet, so far away. When some unfortunate things happened i thought i would never be able to live my dream. I was VERY sad. I started to run away from the bad things that had happened. But i have found it is better to go back and LEARN from them. It has been very hard, but it has helped me go back to the begining and remember what i really want to do. Hopefully with the help of my trainer and the people i love, my dream will come true. I will never give up on my dreams. I know things happen for a reason, and they are put into our lifes to help us learn and become a stronger person.

Monday, February 9, 2009

LiFe Is GoOd!!!!!!! :) :)

my two bestist friends are bailey and katy. They are way cool and we always have loads of fun together. I convinced them to go to the same high school that i am going too :) i am so excited! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!!! HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!! AHHH! its kinda nerve racking...... well it does have its pros and cons ha ha #1 pro hot older guys! ha ha ha ha jk jk jk jk jk #1 con more DRAMA!!! but i guess that's high school. But of course family comes first. my sister anna is way cool and we always have way fun together! But my horse sissy is sooooooo awesome! i mean when you see her ride your jaw drops in awwwwww. she is sooooo good! defiantly my top bff!!! ha ha I LOVE YOU SISSY! MUAH! xoxoxox <3 well here are some pictures of me and katy but i dont have one of bailey and me yet.:( but i will get some!!!

Me and my SisSy!!!!!!

this is me and katy and kajjia

random pictures of me :)

:) :) :)

..... LOL

ha ha me again

ha ha me