Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Hooks of Life

somewhere near the tropical islands, their are boats, in the boats are people, in the peoples hand is a hook, a bad hook. These hooks are used to draw in the octopus. when the octopus spots the hook its starts swimming closer and closer... till its caught! by the time its caught its really stuck. No matter how hard it turns and thrashes, its caught.
In life their are lots of people with hooks. The person holding the hook is satan. and the hook is temptation. These hooks look so wonderful and so perfect but what you didn't know is that you would be caught. as humans we find our self give in a little to temptations, sometimes we find the strength to pull away. but once we are caught on the hook their is nothing we can do as humans. we have to search for another way out. the only thing that can release you from the hooks evil grasp is our heavenly father. come unto him and ask for repentance. he will release you from that evil bond.
if you grow a testimony and stay close to our father in heaven, you will be able to fight off temptation.