Sunday, February 22, 2009

lessons learned.

Today at church we learned about faith and hope, and how you need those things to be able to pursue anything. Nothing will be accomplished with out faith. Faith can be so easy but yet at the same time it is very hard. You are believing in something that has been told to you or that you would like to believe or that the still small voice has told you. I find it kind of like a dream. You are wanting something so bad that you believe in it so much that you will do anything and everything in your power to get it. As humans their are things we want and things we need. When you find yourself caught up in a dream its like that's the only thing you should be fighting for.......... so you can be you. But as we are fighting for the dream weather it be long or short term happiness we get caught up in the world. The world has mad it so that when you want something it has become allot harder to get. I'm not just talking about "things" I'm talking about ...... good relationships, happiness, peace, families that stay together, less contention. Things like living the gospel. The world has made it seam like that is the bad thing to do. But you will always find the people in life who have the gospel with them and are following the gospel will always be happier. If you have faith and you are following the gospel you will be really happy and you will be able to pursue anything.


Iris said...

Sweet heart, you are so fortunate to understand this! I love you loads!!!