Monday, February 9, 2009

LiFe Is GoOd!!!!!!! :) :)

my two bestist friends are bailey and katy. They are way cool and we always have loads of fun together. I convinced them to go to the same high school that i am going too :) i am so excited! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!!! HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!! AHHH! its kinda nerve racking...... well it does have its pros and cons ha ha #1 pro hot older guys! ha ha ha ha jk jk jk jk jk #1 con more DRAMA!!! but i guess that's high school. But of course family comes first. my sister anna is way cool and we always have way fun together! But my horse sissy is sooooooo awesome! i mean when you see her ride your jaw drops in awwwwww. she is sooooo good! defiantly my top bff!!! ha ha I LOVE YOU SISSY! MUAH! xoxoxox <3 well here are some pictures of me and katy but i dont have one of bailey and me yet.:( but i will get some!!!

Me and my SisSy!!!!!!

this is me and katy and kajjia