Sunday, June 14, 2009

I met a prince :)

This prince was not just any prince, he is the best in all the land.
This prince was white, he also had little splashes of brown on him.
Anyone who happens to come in his presence will know of his love for others.
When i met this prince he looked at me with that glow in his blue blue eyes.
The feeling i had around him was like every care, every hurt, or every sad thing was gone.
Their was a feeling of peace.
When i met this prince he was injured.
So i was involved in helping him get better.
While we were helping him i felt so connected and so safe around him.
It was like i could really listen to him.
Its hard to explain

I met this horse whose name was casper. I looked at him and thought casper??? really??. I didnt think the name fit him very well. Sure he was white, but it just didnt seam to fit. So i started to think and get to know him. One of the very first things i saw in this horse was he was looking to help. He wanted to help in whatever way he could. Second thing i saw in him was his bravery and trust. If you were to treet him right he would give his trust to you. As i got to know him i started to think of names. The first name was prince, he looked like a prince in shinning armor. He was the prince who was ready to save the damsel in distress and show there are more things to life then just what you can see.
Whoever he may be with now. They are blessed! He is one of a kind!
I was sad to see him go. I remember loading him up in the trailor and saying in a whisper "be good, show them that there is more to life" then i gave him a kiss and took my last look at shut the door.
That horse will always have a place in my heart. He taught me a lesson that day, and that lesson will never be forgotten.